Video Advertisement delivered to washrooms.

  • Non-intrusive (96%)

  • Highly captive (93%)

  • High recall rate (90%)

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Advertisement Solution


Currently our video signage network is becoming available in the prime business and entertainment districts of Singapore, reaching the highly-desired but hardest-to-reach segment of male business executives and male affluent consumers.
We aim at 1,000,000 impressions per month in Singapore prime locations for
 affluent male customers between approx. 18-65 years.

Signage System

The video signage network consists of 7-inch high-resolution LCD screens that are seamlessly integrated into urinals manufactured by URIMAT.
URIMAT is the unrivalled innovative force for ecological sanitary ware and is the sole manufacturer worldwide for urinals with integrated video signage.
The URIMAT Singapore team is at service to present the sanitary solution.

Market Research

High Impact for your Message.

Video signage by URIMAT performs amazingly well to transport your advertisement to your targeted audience.

Highly captive

Of all those surveyed said the advertising screen was the first thing they noticed on the URIMAT

Your ad gets full attention.


find the advertising on the URIMAT positive or are not bothered by it.

Your ad appears just at the right time.

High recall-rate

Recall your message on the advertising display.

Customers can act on your message.

Your ad gets full attention.

Your ad appears just at the right time.

Customers can act on your message.

(Supported by empirical market research conducted by IHA-GfK Switzerland)

How it works

Seamless workflow to place your ads with us.


Conveniently upload your video content to secured Aqua Tech website using standard encryption.

Secure & flexible

Aqua Tech prepares your content according to your booked subscription in our cloud data centre.


Booked signage locations receive your content via secured network and store it locally on the device.

Robust delivery

Signage plays your advertisement on time in the booked locations from locally stored device.




  • Bq Bar
    39 Boat Quay, Singapore 049828

  • Molly Malone`s
    56 Circular Rd, Singapore 049411

  • McGettigan`s
    #01, 34 River Valley Rd, 01 Merchant’s Court, Singapore 179020


  • Belgium

    • Brussels Airport
  • Denmark

    • Copenhagen Airport
  • Germany

    • Daimler AG (Mercedes Benz)
    • Deutsche Bahn AG (rail and cargo transport)
    • Kinopolis (cinema operator)
    • Königs-Pilsener Arena, Oberhausen (multipurpose arena)
    • Tank & Rast (motorway service stations)
    • University Hospital Freiburg
  • Spain

    • Football stadium for “RCD Espanyol Barcelona”
  • Switzerland

    • Geneva Airport
    • Credit Suisse Group
    • CERN – European Organisation for Nuclear Research, Geneva
    • Football stadium “St. Jakob-Park” in Basel
  • United Kingdom

    • Marks & Spencer

About Us


Aqua Tech empowers you with advertisement solutions for your male client audience across Singapore.


Aqua Tech secured rights from URIMAT to exclusively import, distribute and operate the high-tech urinals in Singapore.
Our team consists of an agile and diverse team of professionals with extensive experience to lay foundation for overseas companies across Asia.

Exclusive importer and distributor of URIMAT products in Singapore.

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Aqua Tech Pte. Ltd.
1 Scotts Road #24-10
Singapore 228208

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